New equilibrium

Certainties from the past and the attuned working method have really been turned upside down in 2020, with the arrival of Corona. Should you focus on uptime improvement because of increasing demands or is cost-cutting the only strategy for survival? Should you invest now or postpone it? What does a different way of working mean for the organization and for the individual employee? A new reality requires clarity, agility and a new vision for the future. How do you find your new equilibrium?

The new normal

The arrival of the Corona-virus had an impact on almost every company. They are out of balance and need to deal with a new reality: the new normal. This also has consequences for the maintenance organization. Social distance, an immediate stop on expenditures and a completely revised long-term vision. What do you need to focus on? What choices do you make and can they withstand an eventual new crisis?

In search for new equilibrium

Our VDMXL methodology has proven to be a crisis-resistant, integrated improvement approach that helps the maintenance organization to make well-founded choices to create value. In the search for new equilibrium, VDMXL offers methods and tools to shift the focus. We are agile and flexible in this new reality, in order to find a new equilibrium between technical availability, maintenance costs, investments and safety.

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