benchmarking platform

Comparing the performance of an organization with that of (comparable) other organizations, is called benchmarking. Mainnovation has a benchmark database with more than 1,000 companies. The available data relates to the twelve most important KPIs within Maintenance and Asset Management. With these KPIs, it is not only possible to measure how your own organization is doing, but also where the organization stands in relation to others. By comparing results with (anonymous) companies in the same industry, you’ll get a realistic picture of the improvement potential.

Benchmarking tool

The benchmarking platform is therefore an important part of the VDMXL Audit and the determination of the strategy. By regularly using this online benchmarking tool you can continuously improve as an organization. Does the chosen strategy have the right effect? Where do we need to adjust?
The single use of this benchmark platform is included in the price of the VDMXL Audit. If your organization has multiple sites, a multi-site subscription should be more interesting.

Multi-site benchmarking

Companies with a multi-site subscription can list all of their organization’s sites in the platform and benchmark performance both internally and externally. A certification course is available that guarantees that you can also complete the entire VDMXL Audit yourself. In this way it becomes feasible to benchmark every site annually or every other year and to monitor whether the trends are moving in the right direction. This creates a powerful internal community that keeps raising the bar in terms of achievable performance.

Click here to visit the benchmarking platform (you’ll need a username and password).

The video below provides you with a short introduction of the benchmarking platform.