VDMXL is ideally suited to assess and improve technical departments. VDMXL Audit is used to measure the current performance and maturity levels of the technical department and to determine the Winning Maintenance & Asset Management Strategy for the future. This strategy describes the improvements in processes, the organization, IT systems, data and performance management needed to create maximum economic value for the business.

The VDMXL Audit takes two to three weeks and is fully supported by myVDMXL.com, our online benchmarking platform with approximately 1,000 benchmark companies. The key VDMXL Audit elements are as follows:

  • An economic value driver analysis used to determine whether the technical department should be managed on the basis of cost reduction, increased uptime, safety improvement or lifetime extension.
  • A benchmark analysis in terms of the twelve VDMXL KPIs to provide insight into the company’s current status within the industry and where improvements still can and must be made.
  • A maturity assessment with the aid of a standard checklist with over 100 reference points used to measure the organization’s maturity along various dimensions and, if desired, to compare it with other companies.
  • A Future State Visioning Workshop in which the future strategy is designed in an interactive way on the basis of pre-selected best practice case studies.
  • A business case that demonstrates the economic value added of the developed improvement program.
  • Active executive management involvement throughout the entire audit process.



  • Due to the improvements in maintenance, RET, was able to win public tender for bus transportation.

  • Today they can focus 100% on executing their job and consequently their yield is higher.