Who are we?

Mainnovation is a leading Maintenance & Asset Management consultancy company. We help capital-intensive companies to professionalise their maintenance departments. In our projects, we rely on our innovative VDMXL methodology (Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management). This methodology provides a relevant business model and work processes based on best practices. We also support companies in selecting, designing/redesigning, implementing and making efficient use of their CMMS/EAM system and we provide a fully automated KPI dashboard. This way, the technical department changes from a cost center to a business function that continuously adds value to the operating result. More than a thousand companies have already implemented VDMXL with impressive results in terms of increased uptime, cost reduction, safety improvement and/or asset lifetime extension.



All over the world

Mainnovation has its’ headquarters in the Netherlands and also has offices in Belgium, France, the UK and the USA. Together with our multinational clients, we carry out our projects all over the world. With a team of over 40 specialists, we bring a wealth of experience to our clients. The VDMXL model has enabled us to structure and capitalise on the best practices collected during the more than 20 years of the firm’s existence.  We use practices from different sectors and industries in all our projects. In this way, we achieve an exchange of knowledge to create value through maintenance.


Our mission is to keep industry competitive despite its aging asset base. The VDMXL methodology has proven itself as a crisis-proof, integrated improvement approach with which the management and maintenance organisation can make well-founded choices to create added value. The only way to remain competitive is to be smarter about Maintenance and Asset Management. We are happy to support you with this crucial challenge.