Our VDMXL methodology

In many organisations maintenance and asset management is considered to be a cost center, necessary evil. This is inaccurate! By applying maintenance and asset management in the right way, you can continuously add economic value. Optimising technical availability and safety and extending lifetime of assets is of great benefit to companies. But where lies the economic optimum? What is the New Equilibrium?

Value Driven Maintenance

VDMXL stands for Value Driven Maintenance and Asset Management. VDMXL explains how to extract maximum economic value from an existing plant, fleet or infrastructure by making the right choices. Our equipments must become more competitive, this requires more than just maintenance. The technical departments of the future must be drivers of improvement. VDMXL defines sore points and opportunities and ensures that the technical department grows from a cost center to a professional organisation that continuously adds value to the operating result.


Key features VDMXL

Our methodology includes:

  1. Focus on the economic value added of Maintenance & Asset Management.
  2. KPI performance measurement at all levels of the organisation.
  3. Use of best practice work processes.
  4. Long-term monitoring of the asset portfolio.
  5. Continuous improvement of preventive maintenance plans and work processes.
  6. Professional use of modern EAM solutions.
  7. Active role for the management board.
  8. Complete coverage of the ISO 55000 standard.

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VDMXL was invented by Mainnovation. This video explains the methodology in less then three minutes.