Digital Trends in Maintenance & Asset Management

In 2017 and in 2018 PwC and Mainnovation investigated the potential and the application of predictive maintenance (PdM). In 2023 we went one step further. We investigated wheter the five Digital Trends in Maintenance & Asset Management – mobile maintenance, predictive maintenance, augmented reality, digital twin en 3D printing – are (being) implemented and if we use their full potential. What is the status? Do we still rely on old techniques and are we digitalising our work? And for what purposes do we use the digital techniques? And if we consciously choose nót to implement, what is the reason for that?

The market survey was executed amongst 127 companies in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and South-Africa. We also interviewed four ‘top performers’: Port of Rotterdam, Shell, PepsiCo and a South African Mining Company.

In addition to the results of the market research and the four case stories of top performers, we have also included a ‘Roadmap to Digitalisation‘ in the report. What are important stepping stones that lead to a successful implementation of a digital solution?

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