Facts and figures about Asset Management in Dutch chemical industry

Make the Dutch (petro) chemical industry the safest in the world, is the ambition of the Sustainable Safety 2030 program. That is why the sector is committed to guaranteeing safety, secure vitality and reliability and enforcing the competitiveness, even with aging assets. Research has shown that implementation of asset management is an enormous contribution.

Asset management

Previous investigation showed that aging of installations is not a matter of age, but of the condition of the installations. The good news: this condition can be influenced. Asset management enables companies to mitigate integrity risks. It is about professional management and maintenance of installations in which we continuously look for the optimum between technical performance, costs and risks in the field of safety. We can monitor the condition of assets over time, so that we can get an idea of the remaining lifespan and of the necessary actions to guarantee safety, availability and reliability.

Evolve to the next level

Introducing asset management, or growing to the next maturity level within asset management, is not a simple task. It requires a structured approach. With the formulation of the Asset Management Roadmap, there is now a practical manual for the implementation of asset management. The roadmap originated from interviews with several industry leaders, who proved to be in control of their asset base. This was combined with Mainnovations own knowledge and experience to map out the route to professional asset management, specifically for the (petro) chemical industry. It gives insight in the current maturity level in maintenance or asset management and also shows what is necessary to improve to be able to evolve to the next level.

Content of the Roadmap

The Roadmap Asset Management describes which processes must be set up if a company wants to start with asset management. How these processes should be set up, depends on the maturity level of the organization. Four levels are defined in the report. By indicating which criteria apply per process in the Checklist Asset Management (part of the report), it becomes clear what the current maturity level is. By continuously critically assessing on which topics the organization is not yet in control, it becomes clear where the improvement potential lies. This provides insight to concrete actions needed to further professionalize the organization step by step. So with this roadmap companies can start with asset management in a pragmatic and structured way, or grow to the next level.

Unfortunately the report is only available in Dutch.

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