AMprover Software

The essence of good maintenance and asset management is to ensure that assets achieve the optimal technical availability during their life cycle, meet all compliance requirements and all this at an acceptable maintenance rate. A balanced preventive and predictive maintenance plan would be the foundation for this. But because market situations, environmental requirements and business goals are constantly changing, improving your preventive maintenance plan is a continuous process.

AMprover is user-friendly software that helps to determine the right equilibrium for any asset or installation. AMprover imports the object structure from your EAM1) and helps to determine the most critical elements and the most important failure mechanisms. You then weigh the risks and you can calculate the various alternatives with AMprover. This gives insight in which quantity and which form of preventive and predictive maintenance creates the most value. Finally, AMprover helps you to export the improved maintenance plan to your EAM.

AMprover can be used in all life cycle phases of the asset, from the new construction phase (RAMS and initial FMECA studies), the use phase (RCM/PMO) to calculating the various replacement scenarios for assets heading towards the end of life (LCC).

The main features of AMprover are:

  • AMprover was developed based on years of experience in and knowledge of the world of maintenance and asset management by Traduco, a Mainnovation company;
  • AMprover is an all-in-one APM2) solution for all your reliability analyses;
  • With AMprover you determine, completely in line with the VDMXL methodology, which maintenance plan creates the most value for your company, or reduces risks and optimises costs. Missing tasks are added, ineffective tasks are deleted;
  • AMprover replaces your individual Excel sheets and supports the creation of powerful libraries. AMprover also helps to determine the critical spare parts.

1) EAM: Enterprise Asset Management
2) APM: Asset Performance Management

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The new version of AMprover was developed by Mainnovation in cooperation with Traduco, a Mainnovation company. The video below gives an introduction into the possibilities of AMprover Software.