VDMXL Control Panel

Companies that focus on economic added value are obliged to continuously monitor their performance. Within VDMXL, this is done with the help of the VDMXL Control Panel; a fully automated KPI dashboard for Maintenance & Asset Management organizations. The VDMXL Control Panel was developed with the use of Modern Business Intelligence software and is integrated into the company’s EAM system. The 12 VDMXL KPIs are calculated and visualized in real time based on data provided by SAP EAM, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM or Ultimo. In addition, the Control Panel includes a separate dashboard for each KPI and contains six subordinate PIs. Each (K)PI can be further analyzed using flexible drill-down analyses and lists with transactional data from the EAM system.

The key VDMXL Control Panel functionalities are:

  • State of the art dashboard
    It’s not just a KPI dashboard, it is built in leading BI technology and based on the proven VDMXL methodology.
  • Focus & Analyse
    It’s not just a set of graphs, it is a powerful KPI hierarchy to continuously improve your organization.
  • KPI Library
    It’s not just static information, it is a library with more than 100 KPIs with real time data from your EAM system.
  • Personalization
    It’s not just standard, it’s a flexible dashboard that allows you to set you own preferences.
  • Benchmarking
    It’s not just your performance that is measured, it is a tool that supports internal and external benchmarking.

The video below provides you with a short introduction of the VDMXL Control panel.


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