VDMXL Process Map

The professionalisation of the technical department starts off with the introduction of a new method of working. VDMXL contains a method of working based on proven best practices adopted by leading Maintenance & Asset Management organisations operating in various industries. This method of working is described using over 60 work processes that together form the VDMXL Process Map. The VDMXL Process Map can be modified to meet the organisation’s specific needs and is ideally suited for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects.

The key VDMXL Process Map features are as follows:

  • Visualisation of over 60 work processes that together cover all competences within a Maintenance & Asset Management organisation.
  • Process descriptions on the basis of proven best practices, such as:
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
    • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
    • Long Term Asset Planning (LTAP)
    • Asset Cost Budgetting (ACB)
  • Reference, at the activity level, to transactions within EAM systems (SAP EAM, Maximo, HxGN EAM, IFS Ultimo, et cetera).
  • Pre-designed task and responsibility profiles for approximately 20 standard roles within a Maintenance & Asset Management organisation.
  • Digital process modeling environment that can be flexibly adjusted to meet the organisation’s needs and requirements.
  • Complete coverage of the ISO 55000 standard.

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The VDMXL Process Map was developed by Mainnovation. The video below gives an introduction to the possibilities.


  • VDMXL approach structures and accelerates the project

  • KPI dashboard monitors working methods

  • The VDM analysis showed that the new processes would result in a significant improvement in efficiency.