VDMXL goes digital

16 June 2022

Digitization is one of the hot topics in Maintenance and Asset Management. By making more and more efficient use of data (that’s already available) and modern digital techniques, we can add value to the company result even better. This is what VDMXL stands for. The step that Mainnovation is now taking, is therefore a very logical one: VDMXL goes digital!

Asset managers are striving to make assets perform better, safer, cost effective and sustainable. Our methodology, described in the book VDMXL, Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management, explains how to accomplish this. The methodology includes an economic value driver model, a KPI tree with industry-specific benchmarks and best practice work processes.

VDMXL Digital

But VDMXL is more than a book. It contains a powerful set of Digital Solutions to continuously improve your asset performance. In the past two years we translated the knowledge from the book into various Digital Solutions. These new and highly optimized solutions are now officially launched under the name VDMXL Digital:

  • myVDMXL.com, an online benchmarking tool that supports the VDMXL strategy and helps companies to identify and quantify their improvement potential;
  • VDMXL Control Panel, a KPI dashboard built in Microsoft Power BI for enterprise asset management systems with predefined KPI’s;
  • AMprover Software, an asset value and risk assessment tool, the all in one Reliability Improvement toolkit;
  • VDMXL Process Map, where the Maintenance & Asset Management processes are captured in a standardized and integral way, from top level down to comprehensive work instructions.

Get started

Mainnovations VDMXL-methodology enabled thousands of companies all over the world to maximize their asset value. With VDMXL Digital you take the next step towards digitization and you make effective and efficient use of available data and insights.
If you want to get started with VDMXL yourself and if you want to use our Digital Solutions, send an email to info@mainnovation.com