Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is an international pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, production and sale of generic and innovative medicines and raw materials. Teva operates in 60 countries and ranks among the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. In Haarlem, the Netherlands, the company produces generic medicines in the fields of oncology and pulmonology.

The Task
The production process is complex and bound by strict regulations. The growing market demand requires increased production capacity and higher equipment availability. To further improve the maintenance function, Teva Pharmachemie started looking for external expertise.

The Approach
Mainnovation assisted Teva in developing a maintenance improvement agenda. The improvement agenda was prepared on the basis of a benchmark of the maintenance key figures and a scan of the maintenance processes. The agenda was transformed into an improvement program whose key area of focus was to increase asset utilization (in case of Teva this was the dominant value driver). Mainnovation provided support during the first phase of the project with OEE improvement teams, Reliability Engineering, workflow process optimization and an Ultimo upgrade.

The result of the studies is a reduction of 100 hours in unscheduled downtime.

Mainnovation’s Added Value
The results of the first phase of the project became visible over a short period of time. An improvement in the number of failures has been observed, which, since the completion of the improvement studies, has resulted in a reduction in the number of reoccurring failures. The result of the studies is a reduction of 100 hours in unscheduled downtime.
Furthermore, the workflow optimization has created clarity in terms of roles and responsibilities. This is an important quality aspect within the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • The improvement potential identified using VDMXL has since exceeded € 10 million per year.

  • Elaboration of a Maintenance & Asset Management roadmap for the coming 2 years

  • Improvement potential over €10 million per year