PWN, the Province of Noord-Holland’s water company, is responsible for the drinking water supply and nature management. Each year, PWN produces and supplies more than 110 million cubic meters of drinking water.
PWN purifies surface water to produce drinking water using technically highly advanced plants. The company uses its own mains system to distribute the drinking water. 750,000 households and industrial customers are connected to this network.
Each year, PWN invests more than € 75 million in drinking water assets. This is why PWN is continuously in the process of improving its asset management. By adopting an increasingly proactive approach, PWN is acquiring greater control over supply reliability, costs, and quality and safety risks.


The Task
After years of outsourcing, PWN decided to bring back more work in-house in order to get a better grip on the performance of its assets. It asked Mainnovation for help in setting up its new Asset Management department.

The Solution
Mainnovation supplied an interim Asset Management team leader to work on the organization and to professionalize the processes on the basis of VDMXL. The team leader trained employees in the new work methods and developed the blueprint for the EAM system (SAP PM). After the EAM system went live, performance management was introduced to monitor improvements and to identify bottlenecks. During the transition to the new asset management organization, a new team leader was recruited who was trained as the project progressed.

Mainnovation’s Added Value
Mainnovation successfully implemented the Asset Management Value Driven Maintenance model. The organization and processes were professionalized on the basis of the VDMXL Process Map. SAP PM was implemented to secure the changes in the organization by means of performance management.

The organization and processes were professionalized on the basis of the VDMXL Process Map.


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