Value Driven EAM

The proper use of a modern Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is crucial to the operation of a professional Maintenance & Asset Management organization. Without proper EAM support, it is not possible for work processes to run efficiently and furthermore, the data required for KPI management will be lacking. Unfortunately, there are too many companies that do not make optimal use of their EAM system. Available features are not used or are used incorrectly and data is often of poor quality.

For this reason, we support companies in designing/redesigning and making use of their EAM system. We do this on the basis of our Value Driven EAM approach. The EAM issue is addressed using an integrated approach involving IT, work processes, KPI performance management, content & data, and securing this within the organization.

The key features of our Value Driven EAM approach are as follows:


  • Best Practice EAM design on the basis of VDMXL Process Map.
  • Standard add-on solutions for missing EAM functionalities, such as visual scheduling, reliability engineering, project management, asset-based budgetting, OEE, mobile, etc.
  • Standard integration with VDMXL Control Panel.
  • Standard setup for Master Data Management.
  • Best practice integration models with the financial module of ERP systems.
  • Role-based training and coaching program.
  • Project management approach based on the Scrum Methodology.
  • Use of top SAP EAM, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM and Ultimo EAM experts.