Interim and Coaching

We can support companies with a temporary vacancy in their technical department with our internal pool of interim Maintenance & Asset Managers. These professionals combine high-quality VDMXL knowledge with hands-on experience as a maintenance manager. They are often in demand for interim jobs focused on improvement. In this regard, they can make use of all knowledge and tools available within Mainnovation, such as the VDMXL benchmark database, the VDMXL Process Map, the VDMXL Control Panel and the Eye on Change management approach.

Our interim managers can be characterized as follows:

  • Broad management experience within Maintenance & Asset Management organizations
  • Strong affinity for people & change management
  • Trained in VDMXL and specialized in improving technical departments
  • Access to all VDMXL knowledge and tools
  • Full-fledged interlocutor for the shop floor, as well as the top floor

Our Maintenance & Asset Management professionals can also be used as a coach for the existing Maintenance & Asset Manager. In this regard, they operate as a sounding board and personal trainer in areas such as strategy, providing direction, managing and setting up the technical department, people & change management, etc. If desired, other employees in a technical department can also be provided with coaching.


  • Maintenance has the potential to contribute a great deal of value to GSK’s operating results.

  • VDMXL methodiek, gives a structured project approach with a successful end.

  • Pragmatic approach in the Mississippi Delta