The Task
In the mid-nineties, Boskalis implemented Maximo to optimize its operating processes (work orders, preventive maintenance and spare parts) and to comply with the ISM legislation (SHE). Boskalis now wants to transform Maximo from an operational system into a management instrument. Mainnovation was selected to assist in this transformation.

The Approach
VDM was selected as the designated maintenance philosophy to achieve this. Boskalis implemented the VDM Control Panel for this purpose in order to first improve data quality, so as to improve its management and analysis capability. A second element was the development of a Boskalis-specific Value Driven Maintenance Business Experience (MBE) ‘The Esmeralda’. The MBE is used as a training tool to engender enthusiasm within the organization about VDM and the VDM Control Panel. Next, a link with Maximo will be established and explanations will be provided about how to use Maximo to achieve optimal management and improvement.

Mainnovation’s Added Value
At the present time 5 ships are operating with the VDM Control Panel. Furthermore, in the meantime Boskalis is actively working together with Plant & Maintenance Engineers on the basis of bi-weekly sessions to implement VDM within the organization and on its ships. Key elements in this regard are accurate registration of costs (hours, materials and services) and the introduction of recording downtime and failure codes on the Maximo work order.

At the present time 5 ships are operating with the VDM Control Panel.


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