The Manufacturing sector is the collection of companies that manufacture discrete products, excluding food, beverages and tobacco, pharmaceutical products and chemicals. Key subsectors in this industry include Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Construction Products, Office Equipment and Aerospace.

One of the elements that characterizes the Manufacturing sector is its strong market sensitivity. Product demand varies continuously for many companies and new products are regularly launched. This requires a flexible Maintenance & Asset Management organization. An organization that knows when to focus on production output and when to focus on costs. An organization capable of combining process-oriented maintenance with project-oriented work on major modifications, replacements and expansions. In short, an organization that is versatile and that can keep pace with the market’s dynamic.

This dynamic requires a robust Maintenance & Asset Management control model. VDMXL is a control model that helps companies make the right strategic choices and to quickly implement them within the organization. In this respect it makes use of economic value calculations, KPIs, industry-specific benchmarks and best practice work processes, organization models and IT solutions.