VDMXL Digital Webinar: The added value of multi-site benchmarking

en16 November 2022 - start 11:00 ends 12:00

VDMXL Digital Webinar for maintenance- and asset managers

Where do you stand in the field of Maintenance & Asset Management compared to others? What is the improvement potential? Which KPIs should you focus on for a better operating result?

Mainnovation has a database of more than 1000 companies. The myVDMXL.com benchmarking platform shows in clear graphs how your KPIs compare with other companies in the same industry or with other sites within your own organization. myVDMXL.com helps companies to identify and quantify their improvement potential.

This webinar provides insight into:

  • What the 12 VDMXL KPIs are and how you can manage them;
  • How to compare your own company results with other companies;
  • Why it makes sense to benchmark with colleagues in the same industry or with other branches of your own company.

This is a VDMXL Digital Webinar. There are four webinars about four Digital Solutions. These webinars are presented in English, Dutch and French. Click on the language to see the upcoming webinars or – afterwards – the recordings. Participation is free. 


Rob Golbach
Executive Consultant Mainnovation

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