VDMXL Digital Webinar: Continuous improvement with KPI dashboarding

en13 December 2022 - start 13:00 ends 14:00

VDMXL Digital Webinar for maintenance- and asset managers

What is the added value of steering by KPIs? How can results be shared with the entire team so that the entire team starts working together on the same objective? We believe in KPI dashboarding.

Decisions about costly investments – such as life extension projects, outsourcing work or intensifying inspections – are not something you make overnight. You want to measure, analyze, compare and then make a decision. You can do that with the VDMXL Control Panel, the KPI dashboard for enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM), built in Microsoft Power BI. The VDMXL Control Panel allows you to continuously improve your maintenance performance. It connects KPIs to business goals and to work processes. And it helps you improve where it matters most. You can even zoom in to the EAM system.

This webinar provides insight into:

  • How performance can be monitored and translated into maintenance and asset management improvements;
  • How this can lead to a continuous improvement path;
  • How to zoom in from KPIs to the underlying PIs and ultimately to the work orders in the EAM system;
  • How the VDMXL Control Panel can be easily customized to your own requirements.

This is a VDMXL Digital Webinar. There are four webinars about four Digital Solutions. These webinars are presented in English, Dutch and French. Click on the language to see the upcoming webinars or – afterwards – the recordings. Participation is free. 


Remco Jonker
Partner Mainnovation

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