VDMXL Digital Webinar: Building the most valuable maintenance strategy

en29 November 2022 - start 15:30 ends 16:30

VDMXL Digital Webinar for maintenance- and asset managers

Where are the greatest risks within my asset base, what mitigating actions should I take? Does my current maintenance strategy sufficiently cover the risks or should I take more or maybe fewer measures? Is it really necessary to rule out any potential risk? After all, this entails costs, but where is the tipping point between investing in preventing malfunction and the negative effect on the operating result?

These are questions a Reliability and/or Maintenance Engineer asks themselves on a daily basis. AMprover5.0 is the all-in-one toolkit that answers these questions. Instead of eliminating every potential risk, we look at the business impact of failures. We focus on the assets/installations that are the real performance killers or cost drivers. You can then analyse failures, optimize your preventive and predictive maintenance plans and upload them to your EAM system.

This webinar provides insight into:

  • What is the value of Reliability Engineering within the maintenance organization;
  • Which approach can best be followed to draw up and/or optimize the maintenance concept;
  • How AMprover5.0 guides you through this process and thereby ensures unambiguous and validable recording of results and considerations;
  • How easily the Life Cycle Costs of an asset can be calculated;
  • The other possibilities of AMprover5.0.

This is a VDMXL Digital Webinar. There are four webinars about four Digital Solutions. These webinars are presented in English, Dutch and French. Click on the language to see the upcoming webinars or – afterwards – the recordings. Participation is free. 


Pieter de Klerk
Executive Consultant Mainnovation

Sander Eekhof
Executive Consultant Traduco, a Mainnovation company

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