RE Roadmap

The popularity of Reliability Engineering (RE) has tremendously increased over the past 10 years. Increasingly more companies realize that the reliability of the machine park must be continuously improved to continue to create value for the business. This is why it is necessary to regularly assess and update preventive maintenance plans. The Reliability Engineer is responsible for this.

Mainnovation has developed an effective methodology for preparing and optimizing preventive maintenance plans. This methodology, the RE Roadmap, combines techniques such as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The RE Roadmap distinguishes itself from other methodologies by adopting the VDMXL value driven concept and a specific focus on the implementation of the new maintenance plans.

The key features of the RE Roadmap are as follows:

  • Criticality analysis on the basis of the VDMXL economic value drivers
  • Differentiated RE approach (RCM, PMO, RCA) depending on the equipment’s criticality
  • Use of reference maintenance plans for generic equipment
  • Use of automated RE tools, such as RCM++, APM Bentley and RCM sheets in MS Excel
  • Automated upload of preventive maintenance plans into the EAM system
  • Use of experienced Reliability Engineers on a project and interim basis
  • Setting up and securing the total Reliability Engineering function within the organization


  • Potential risk reduction of 58% was achieved for the first 3 production plants.

  • Increasing the reliability and availability of the existing installation park with equal financial resources.

  • EVAL Europe - Higher uptime partly due to value-driven RE and SAP EAM implementation