The Public Transport sector in many countries is currently being subjected to close scrutiny. Under pressure of public opinion, public transport is subjected to increasingly strict demands in terms of punctuality and reliability. At the same time, government requires the costs per kilometer to drop drastically, while retaining, or even improving, passenger safety. All this with an aging fleet and railway infrastructure.

This trend has motivated many public transport companies to professionalize their maintenance function. In recent years we were asked to support various companies in the creation of a value-driven Maintenance & Asset Management organization. VDMXL-based best practice work processes were introduced for this purpose, supported by modern EAM systems and mobile solutions. New roles were frequently introduced, such as the Asset Portfolio Manager and the Reliability Engineer with responsibility for continuous improvement within the organization. And the VDMXL Control Panel provides management with a tool to steer this improvement in the right direction.

The implementation of VDMXL had a positive impact on the organization’s level of performance at companies such as Infrabel, MIVB, Nedtrain, ProRail, RET and Volker Rail. The service provided by these companies demonstrably improved, often in combination with lower cost levels.