VDMXL Academy

The VDMXL Academy provides various training programs in the field of Maintenance & Asset Management. This can include public or in-house training programs. The public training programs in the Netherlands and Belgium are organised in cooperation with the national maintenance associations NVDO (VDMXL Master Class) and BEMAS (In-depth Maintenance & Asset Management Study Program).

The in-house training programs are organised under contract to specific companies. This includes the possibility of adapting the standard VDMXL training materials to the company’s specific learning objectives. Mainnovation’s in-house training programs include the following features:

  • One or multiple-day courses in English, Dutch and French.
  • Alternating between theory segments, case studies and exercises.
  • Interactivity by introducing The GAME.
  • VDMXL-based training materials.
  • Option of personal coaching following the completion of the training.
  • Use of well-known Maintenance & Asset Management thought leaders.

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