The GAME is an interactive business game for Maintenance & Asset Management professionals. In The GAME, different technical departments become opposing players with the objective of creating maximum economic value for a fictitious pharmaceutical company. By playing The GAME, participants learn how to manage the performance of the Maintenance & Asset Management organization by making use of Key Performance Indicators, benchmark data and best practices, such as RCM, TPM and RBI. The GAME stands for The Great Asset Management Experience and has the following characteristics:

  • Competitive business game with 4-8 teams
  • 5 rounds with different assignments
  • Real-time benchmark reports and value calculations
  • Various VDMXL methodology-based theory segments
  • Case studies in support of the theory segments
  • VDMXL Award for the team that creates the highest economic value
  • Intensive learning experience with a high fun factor

The GAME has since been played throughout the world and is also highly suited for use as a change instrument in support of major change projects.


  • Increased efficiency of maintenance execution at European plants Cargill SST