Market Research

Mainnovation is regularly asked to conduct market research in the field of Maintenance & Asset Management. Under contract to companies, governments and trade unions, we map out the market, identify trends and predict future developments. Often this also entails a quantitative analysis for which we use our benchmark database with over 1,000 benchmark companies. Examples of recent market surveys include the following:

  • More4Core benchmark study of the north-western European industry under contract to the European Union/Interreg (2015).
  • Delphi study of maintenance trends in the Netherlands under contract to World Class Maintenance (2015).
  • Market research into lifetime extension in the Netherlands (VITALE) under contract to World Class Maintenance (2012).
  • Research into the maintenance market in the West Brabant region under contract to REWIN (2011).
  • Market research into the reliability of assets in the Netherlands under contract to Mainnovation (2010).

We consider market research a critical success factor for our consulting practice. We maintain insight into current challenges and solutions at our customers by regularly conducting research. Often, this enables Mainnovation to develop new consulting products and methodologies. We want to continue to play a leading role this way in the further professionalization of the Maintenance & Asset Management market.

Find our survey reports here