Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management

Articles, September/October 2018

“What is actually the added value of maintenance and asset management?” is a frequently heard question in boardrooms the world over. Even though taking care of your assets is often critically important, few managers are able to answer the question convincingly. Especially when they are asked to express the benefi ts in terms of economic value added or shareholder value – the language increasingly being spoken in boardrooms all over the world. For this reason Mark Haarman and Guy Delahay developed the Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management® methodology (VDMXL). VDMXL builds a bridge between traditional maintenance philosophies, long term asset replacement strategies and managing by economic added value. Not only does VDMXL simplify the boardroom discussion, it also shows that far from being a cost center, maintenance & asset management can create signifi cant economic value, improving the overall business performance during the lifecycle.”

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