The power of Traduco 'a Mainnovation company'

Traduco is an independent consulting firm engaged in Asset Management, or the cost-effective management of physical operating assets. Traduco supports its clients throughout the process of defining, structuring and embedding Asset Management. In addition to consulting, Traduco offers knowledge programs and training courses. With its AMprover®, an Asset Performance Management (APM) software tool, you can manage risks and (life cycle) costs and carry out sensitivity and risk analyses.

Traduco’s methodology is based on adding value. The application of the Traduco method offers the possibility of developing risk-based management and maintenance scenarios. Scenarios that help achieve the right balance between your capital investment and returns, including availability, reliability, utilization rate, productivity, and higher environmental impact (sustainability) of assets, at optimal costs. The method leads to a continuous improvement process, which provides more insight, more control and more efficiency within your operations.

To support Asset Management as a system, as a methodology, Traduco provides the Asset Management Course in collaboration with the Dutch Association for Effective Maintenance (NVDO).

In February 2020, Traduco was taken over by Mainnovation and is now “a Mainnovation company”.