Searching for the new equilibrium

16 November 2020

“Corona forces maintenance and asset management organization to be agile”

Searching for the new equilibriumThe coronavirus pandemic has tightened its grip on the world. In ‘the new normal’, where certainties from the past no longer exist, we need to make changes. Increase or decrease production? Focus on uptime or cost control? What does a different way of working mean for the organization and for the individual employee? A new reality requires clarity, agility and a new vision for the future.

The impact of the coronavirus on the economy is enormous. This means the maintenance and asset management organization has to deal with a new reality as well. Mark Haarman, managing partner of Mainnovation, consultancy firm in maintenance and asset management, says: “Keeping distance, a stop on expenditure and a completely revised long-term vision. What do you need to focus on? What choices do you make and can they withstand an eventual new crisis?”


All over the world, measures are implemented to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. This means that the product demand has changed. Haarman: “The food companies that supply the catering industry are seeing a drastic decline in demand, while food companies that supply the home market are working overtime. Furthermore, fewer cars are being manufactured and the need for fuel is now minimal. In contrast, manufacturers of disinfectants can barely cope with the increased demand.” On the other hand, there are also companies, particularly in the public sector, that need to invest in their infrastructure to stimulate the economy. “And for all companies, because of COVID, more attention must be paid to personal safety.” Then there is the factor of time. How long will this take? “In the field of processes, organization and technology, choices have to be made, despite all the uncertainties. What is the new equilibrium?”

Clarity and agility

Mainnovation is the founder of VDMXL, a worldwide renowned method for Value Driven Maintenance and Asset Management. Haarman: “Our VDMXL methodology has proven to be a crisis-resistant, integrated improvement approach that helps the maintenance organization to make well-founded choices to create value. The credo is ‘Keep it simple’.” In the search for new equilibrium, VDMXL offers methods and tools to shift the focus. “The maintenance and asset management organization needs to be agile and flexible in this new reality, in order to find the new economic optimum between technical availability, maintenance costs, investments and safety. In addition, clarity is still a cornerstone that, in these times of turmoil and uncertainty, helps companies to go forward nevertheless.” VDMXL was, is and will remain the powerful and proven methodology for making the right choices. For now and for the long term.