Mainnovation takes over Traduco

12 February 2020

With comparable core business, Mainnovation and Traduco were competitors until today. Out of mutual respect to each others knowledge and abilities, the companies decided to join forces. From now on Traduco is ‘a Mainnovation company’.

Mainnovation neemt Traduco overMark Haarman, managing partner from Mainnovation, an independent consultancy firm specialized in Maintenance & Asset Management, is happy with this decision. ‘We’ve always seen Traduco as a very professional company. Their structured and pragmatic approach really connects with the way we work. They were the first company in the Netherlands with a focus on Asset Management and this fits our profile.’ Mainnovations company results are very good and therefore the company is always interested in finding motivated and experienced consultants. When Traduco started the dialogues with Mainnovation, we quickly came to an agreement. ‘To Mainnovation this takeover means we expanded our workforce and customer base in quality and quantity. Also Traduco’s AMprover®, a proven APM-software tool (1), is a valuable gain to our portfolio of Solutions.’

With the insight ‘Asset Management supports and adds value to the primary process’ consultancy company Traduco was, just like Mainnovation, aiming to create value for costumers with solid asset management. Nico Groen, director of Traduco: ‘Our service is complementary to the service Mainnovation offers and vice versa. We see their VDMXL as a powerful method by which results are achieved. For this reason, I talked to Mark Haarman about a takeover.’ In addition joining Mainnovation means also that Traduco can scale up. ‘We were searching for this opportunity.’

Since February 12th 2020 Traduco is part of Mainnovation. Expansion with the team of Traduco means significant growth for Mainnovation. The Traduco employees will be integrated in the VDMXL methodology as soon as possible so that current assignments from Traduco and new assignments from Mainnovation will be streamlined.

(1) APM = Asset Performance Management