Norsk Forenig for Vedlikehold 28 – 29 September Skjetten Norway

28 September 2017 t/m 29 September 2017 - Spreker: Mark Haarman

On September 28 (10:30 AM) Mark Haarman from Mainnovation will give a keynote presentation:

VDMXL – Competing with aging assets

In this interactive session, you will how to create maximum added value with existing assets.
Topics which will be presented are:
–¬†Aging assets: fact or fiction
– The power of KPI measurement and benchmarking
– Building a Winning M&AM Strategy using proven best practices
– New maintenance best practices from the digital revolution
– Implementing the Winning Strategy in 5 dimensions

Various case presentations and results from leading M&AM organizations.

VDM XL, Competing with Aging Assets

Across industry, assets are heading towards the end of their life while many companies lack the financial resources to replace them. Lifetime extension and modernisation of our assets is the only way to survive. The competitive value of our aging assets need to be improved and doing the best maintenance is just not good enough. This keynote explains how maintenance, lifetime extension, and modernisation can add maximum economic value to an existing plant, fleet or infrastructure. The work is based on an economic value driver model, a KPI control panel, industry-specific benchmarks, over 50 best practices and a proven change management approach.

Practical information
28 – 29 Setpember 2017, Quality Hotel Olavsgaard, Skjetten

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