Since its foundation in 2000, Mainnovation has been very active in the Oils & Chemicals sector. We are still grateful that our very first customer, DSM, agreed to be the first to apply VDM on a global scale. The results achieved there convinced many other companies to also start working with VDM. One of these companies is Sitech that as a pilot company was a key sponsor of the development of our new VDMXL methodology. This company too is now viewed as a role model in this sector and we are proud that we were able to make a contribution to this.

Since then we have supported dozens of companies in the Oils & Chemicals sector with the professionalization of their Maintenance & Asset Management organization. We are therefore second to none when it comes to understanding the challenges faced by this sector: the search for that one percent additional uptime, the continuous pressure on maintenance budgets, the need to modernize plants and the obligation towards employees and the environment to work safely. Challenges that are not simple, yet achievable provided one uses the right approach. The Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management (VDMXL) approach.