Webinar: How to setup new and standardized KPI in general production and maintenance policies?

en16 May 2022 - start 14:00 ends 15:30 - Speaker: Peter Decaigny

Measuring is knowing. But how do we get started in maintenance? For years, many companies have filled CMMS1) (or EAM2)) systems with all kinds of data. But what do we do with this data now? How can we use this data to manage our business?

In management books, we find hundreds of indicators, but with which one are we going to start? Indicators must also be SMART3). Is this a management slogan or can we also apply it in maintenance?
During this webinar, presented to you on May 16 2022 from 14h00 till 15h30, the intention is to explain the basics of KPI management in maintenance. How do we start and how do we use the indicators to steer effectively? Can indicators support a policy, but also: how can we prevent indicators from being used incorrectly? Also for organisations that are already a step further, KPI’s can help to support the next steps in maturity. What then are the logical steps and how do we set this up?

1) CMMS: Computerised maintenance management system
2) Enterprise asset management
3) Specific – Measurable – Acceptable – Realistic – Time-bound

During the webinar, we will answer the following questions:

  • What are the basic indicators to guide a maintenance organisation?
  • What are leading and lagging indicators?
  • My data is not reliable. What to do now?
  • SMART indicators: what does this mean for maintenance?
  • What is the difference between KPIs and PIs?
  • KPI’s to steer – beat – control?
  • What is the sense and nonsense of benchmarking indicators?
  • How do we ensure that we use the right indicators to achieve specific goals?
  • How can we analyse indicators instead of just collecting them?

Learning objectives

  • How to measure ‘losses’ and performance in maintenance
  • How to set up a correct measurement of these KPI’s (using data)
  • How are these KPI’s related to international standards

Join this webinar for free and register via the website of BEMAS. Speaker is Peter Decaigny and the language is English.