Webinar ‘What does contribute to the successes of the reliability engineer?’

en18 September 2018 - start 15:00 ends 16:00 CET - Speakers: Roderik de Wolf

Presenter: Roderik de Wolf (Mainnovation) 
Language: English

With the demand for increasing reliability of assets and the pressure on a reduction in maintenance costs, we see that the interest in Reliability Engineering is increasing. But what exactly do Reliability Engineers have to do? And how do their activities fit into, and complement, the maintenance organization? Often these are difficult questions, especially since the results of their work are not immediately and clearly visible.
In our projects, we frequently see that Reliability Engineers have difficulties meeting the expectations set by the organization. In this webinar, we explain what the common reasons for this are. Furthermore, it also helps explain how people, and organizations, can achieve tangible results with Reliability Engineering. costs)

About the presenter:

Roderik de Wolf  is an Executive Consultant at Mainnovation with 20 years of experience in Maintenance. After having worked for almost 10 years at Shell as a process technologist and senior process engineer, he became the production manager responsible for the production and maintenance department of a hydrogen peroxide plant. At Mainnovaton, Roderik has further specialized in Interim and Change Projects in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. In addition, he has led various Asset Management and RE teams.

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