Western industry is aging. Recent research shows that almost half of our industrial equipment needs replacement between 2015 and 2025. Because of the economic crisis, many companies lack the financial resources to do so. As plant closure becomes a real threat, lengthening the service life of assets is often the only way to keep industrial production in the West. And this needs to happen in a strongly globalizing economy that is facing increasing competition from low-wage countries that are home to relatively new and modern plants.

Afbeelding11This is the new challenge facing the modern-day maintenance manager. Our equipments must become more competitive, this requires more than just maintenance. The technical departments of the future must be drivers of improvement. They must extend the lifetime of assets, replace parts that need to be replaced, and modernize the systems that are in place. And they must do this so as to create maximum economic value for the business.

Following the big success of our first book, ‘VDM, New Faith in Maintenance’, Mainnovation has developed a new methodology: Value Driven Maintenance & Asset Management, or VDMXL. VDMXL explains how to extract maximum economic value from an existing plant, fleet or infrastructure using a professional management approach. Key features of the methodology include:

  1. Focus on the economic value added of Maintenance & Asset Management
  2. KPI performance measurement at all levels of the organization
  3. Use of best practice work processes
  4. Long-term monitoring of the asset portfolio
  5. Continuous improvement of preventive maintenance plans and work processes
  6. Professional use of modern EAM solutions
  7. Active role for the management board
  8. Complete coverage of the ISO 55000 standard