More and more companies are discovering the power of mobile solutions. Various examples from actual practice demonstrate that the use of mobile solutions makes a positive contribution to motivation, Hands on Tool Time (HoTT) and the technician’s safety. This is because the technician does not need to go back and forth as often, has current work order, inventory and asset information at his/her disposal and the mobile device can proactively warn him/her of safety risks.

Together with technology partner 88degress, Mainnovation has developed a mobile solution for the Maintenance & Asset Management market. This solution, MobileXL, includes a standard interface with the company’s EAM system, so that work order, inventory and asset information is available to the technician in the field, both offline and online. In addition, MobileXL can also be easily interfaced with other business applications, so that drawings, documents, inspection lists, time sheets and expense forms, and task risk analyses can be used digitally using the same app. This means that MobileXL goes beyond the EAM system. In our vision, the technician is the central focus in the design of the mobile solution.

MobileXL includes the following differentiating functionalities:

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  • Standard interface with EAM systems, such as SAP EAM, IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Ultimo, etc.
  • Standard interface with GIS, DMS and HRM systems and other business applications.
  • Option to use the app online and offline without any data loss through means of real-time data synchronization.
  • Elaborate inspection module with management of standards per inspection line/asset type, visualization of inspection points on photos and drawings, and automated calculation of the asset health indicator and follow-up actions.
  • Automated safety alarms with the aid of beacon technology.
  • Speech-to-text function, start/stop functionality and GPS identification for rapid data entry.
  • Fully personalizable user interface.


  • The project won the IPMA (International Project Management Award) in the public sector.

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