Eye On Change

Successful transformations require more than just new work processes, organizational structures, IT systems, data models and KPIs. Successful transformations demand changes in employee and management behavior and attitudes. For this reason, we developed a change management approach within VDMXL that also considers the soft side of change. This approach is referred to as ‘Eye on Change’ and consists of 10 change success factors:

  • Making the need for change visible (burning platform) through means of VDMXL benchmarking and an economic value driver analysis.
  • Developing a clear future vision within the Winning Maintenance & Asset Management Strategy.
  • Creating a feasible transition by making use of proven best practices, feasible KPI targets and a logical step-by-step plan.
  • Gaining management board support by demonstrating the economic value added of Maintenance & Asset Management.
  • Actively involving the shop floor in the design and implementation of the Winning Strategy.
  • Ensuring all employees have the required skills & tools.
  • Actively communicating the change program through means of storytelling.
  • Securing strong leadership within the Maintenance & Asset Management organization.
  • Focusing on maximum motivation among employees and management.
  • Using VDMXL Coaches for the substantive and change management aspects of the transformation.