Top performers perform smarter on maintenance – results of the international MORE4CORE benchmark study

us30 June 2016 - start 14:00 ends 15:00

Presenter: Rob van Dongen
Language: English

1webinar_logo_usa_29The MORE4CORE initiative has carried out an international benchmark study to investigate the possibilities to increase the competitiveness of the North Western Europe industry by performing smarter maintenance. In this webinar we present the results of this benchmark study by showing quantitative as well as qualitative trends and developments in maintenance. We will also show that top performing industrial companies have a crucial different approach on several maintenance topics which helps them to perform much better. The success factors that have been set are explained on the basis of concrete examples and enable you to determine where your organization has opportunities to perform smarter on maintenance.

robvandongenAbout the presenter: Rob van Dongen has about 20 years of experience in the field of asset management and maintenance in different roles like reliability engineer, fleet manager and operations director. He worked in several areas like public transport, energy, oil & gas, infrastructure and marine in companies like DSM, Givaudan, TAQA, Port of Rotterdam and Dutch Railways (Nedtrain). Since 2006 Rob is working as an executive consultant at Mainnovation. One of his key projects has been program manager of MORE4CORE.

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