About VDM

“What is actually the added value of maintenance?”

This is a frequently posed question in boardrooms across the world. Even though maintenance is often critically important, few maintenance managers are able to answer this question convincingly. Especially when they are asked to express the benefits in terms of economic added value or shareholder value, the language increasingly being spoken in corporate boardrooms.

For this reason Mainnovation developed the Value Driven Maintenance® methodology. Many leading maintenance organizations over the world have applied VDM with impressive results. VDM builds a bridge between traditional maintenance philosophies and managing by shareholder value. Not only does VDM simplify the boardroom discussion, it also shows that far from being a cost center, maintenance is actually a major economic value within the overall business performance.

With VDM the maintenance department can quickly become a professional maintenance organization that adds value to the overall business performance. VDM refers to this as the Most Valuable Maintenance Organization (MVMO). VDM shows where the economic added value of maintenance lies, using a quantitative control model and industry specific benchmarks. To fully utilize the value potential, Mainnovation has developed and implemented work processes and organizations based on well-known best practices such as RCM, TPM and RBI, branch specific benchmarks and leading EAM systems.

One of the proven implementation methods that Mainnovation works with is the Expert Driven Implementation method, a fast and practical VDM Compliant template. The template consists of a predefined system design, the VDM Process Map, upload templates for master data, user manuals, quick-reference cards and training materials. The template is discussed with the client aligned where necessary to meet the needs. The Expert Driven Implementation method makes it possible to implement EAM functionality rapidly and to go live very fast.

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